Bar10der cocktails

The world’s best bartender

Bar10der cocktails

Do you consider yourself the perfect party host? How are your bartending skills? What party tricks do you have up your sleeves? If it’s anything like Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine then you’re invited to Bar10der’s party!

If you haven’t checked the world’s best bartender from Ukraine’s Got Talent (2012), it’s a must. The guy has some serious talent, although it is debatable whether his drinks will actually taste flavoursome and alcoholic after his extravagant show, we will still desperately want to see him in the flesh. Alexander certainly has the moves that would surpass most cocktail makers résumé, which are entertaining, to say the least.  - See for yourselves in the YouTube clip below.

What are your thoughts?  Is Alex a bartending genius or more of a circus clown, or do you think you could do better?

Obviously, we do not expect anyone to master the art of  juggling (it gets ridiculous to be honest), more so master the art of mixology. If you’re able to perform as well as mix cocktails then hat’s off to you. We would love to see and hear any videos, pictures or stories you may have, so do not hesitate to share in a comment below.

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