Quench Cocktail Masters – Martini, Margarita, Mojito

Martini Master Mojito Master Margarita MasterCocktail Masters

The Cocktail Masters are the latest offering from Quench the makers of the 10-in-1 Bar10der. Designed to make specific cocktails with extreme ease at home or on the go.

These new products are a favourite here at Root7 as we love anything that cuts down the time it takes to make delicious cocktails! Whether your favourite tipple is a Martini, Margarita or Mojito we have the tool for you.

Each Cocktail Master has a jigger, knife and strainer, but the individual tools vary according to the needs of three specific cocktails; the martini, the margarita and the mojito. The Martini Master features a channel knife/zester and reamer, the Margarita Master features a salt rimmer and reamer and the Mojito Master features a mint cutter and muddler.

Mojito Master

  • Tools Included on the Mojito Master – Muddler, Knife, Jigger, Mint cutter and Stirrer
  • Make professional looking Mojitos at home with ease
  • Designed specifically to make Mojitos
Mojito Master Open

Martini Master

  • Tools Included on the Martini Master – Strainer, Channel Knife, Reamer, Knife, Jigger and Zester
  • Make professional looking Martinis at home with ease
  • Designed specifically to make Martini
Martini Master Open

Margarita Master

  • Tools Included on the Margarita Master – Salt Rimmer, Knife, Jigger, Reamer and Strainer
  • Make professional looking Margaritas at home with ease
  • Designed specifically to make Margaritas

Margarita Master Open


You can purchase the Cocktail Masters here. For wholesale or press enquiries please contact Root7 here.