24 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Angel’s Kiss

The first recipe of our Christmas Cocktail Countdown is a energising after-dinner drink which is great served with chocolates. We thought we would start you off with an easy one so make sure you give this coffee and cream layered cocktail a try!

Ingredients (makes 8):Angel's Kiss - 24 days until Christmas

- 400ml Tia Maria, chilled
- 250ml of double cream
- Cocoa for dusting, Cherry for garnish


Find some small cocktail, champagne or liqueur glasses and pour in the Tia Maria. Then carefully pour the double cream over the back of a teaspoon held over the glass of Tia Maria so it floats on the surface (it’s easy than it sounds) to make a separate layer. Dust the drink with cocoa and garnish with a glazed cherry. Now you’re finished!

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure out the Tia Maria and use the stirrer instead of a teaspoon to create the cream layer.

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