23 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Raspberry Martini Fizz

Today is the second cocktail of our Christmas Cocktail Countdown! This one takes a bit or prep work but it’s well worth it. The Raspberry Martini Fizz is a stylish and sophisticated cocktail which packs a punch and is sure to push your merriment through the roof.

Ingredients (makes 8):Raspberry Martini fizz

- 350ml Martini Rosso
- 150ml Gin
- 4 tsp icing sugar
- 24 frozen Raspberries
- 2 bottles of chilled Prosecco or other sparkling wine


Before you start this cocktail remember to put your raspberries into the freezer. You will need to do this at least an hour before you start making the cocktail.

Start by mixing the gin and Martini together and place in the fridge and if you have space in your freezer, chill your champagne glasses. Spoon half the icing sugar into 8 champagne glasses and add one of the frozen raspberries. Pour the gin and Martini mixture over the icing sugar and stir. Then simply top up with Prosecco.

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure the Martini Rosso and Gin. You can also use the Bar10der’s muddler to smoosh the raspberry and icing sugar together for a more fruity cocktail.

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