22 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Rumberry punch

In the Third of our Christmas Cocktail Countdown we’ll teach you to be the host/est with the most/est with this party punch. Pitcher cocktails are great for Parties, your guests can drink as much or as little as they like and you’re left to enjoy your shindig. Best of all if no one comes to your party you get to drink it all yourself!

Ingredients (makes 10 glasses):recipe-image-legacy-id--1173481_12

- 350ml dark rum
- 1L cranberry juice
- 1L giner ale


This one is really simple. All you have to do is mix the rum, cranberry juice and ginger ale together in a punch bowl or a couple of pitchers. Chill in your fridge or add ice and make sure it’s well chilled. Then you’re ready to serve and enjoy!

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure out the Rum. This is another recipe which you can add fruit too. Place some orange segments and grapes in the pitchers and muddle with the Bar10der before adding the punch!

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