21 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Christmas cosmopolitan

Only 3 week to go until Christmas! Cranberries are so Christmas, Right? of course they are and that’s the reason this cocktail is such a Christmas hit! Treat your friends and family to this delightfully ginger and cranberry infused cocktail.

Ingredients (serves 10):christmas cosmopolitan

- 500ml Vodka
- 500ml Ginger Wine
- 1L Cranberry Juice
- The juice of 5 limes and zest of garnish
- Sliced stem ginger


Take the vodka and ginger wine and mix together in a jug. Then add the cranberry juice, the juice of the 5 limes and some of the sliced stem ginger. Garnish with the rest lime zest you saved after juicing the limes (optional).

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure the Vodka and Ginger wine. Also use your Bar10der’s channel knife to zest the limes and the normal knife to slice the stem ginger.

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