Cocktail recipe cranberry blush

18 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Cranberry and Vodka Blush

Today’s Christmas cocktail recipe is smart and sophisticated one which is perfect for dinner parties or just wowing a few friends of an evening. The Cranberry and Vodka Blush is ideal for getting your guests in the Christmas party spirit.

Ingredients (Serves 12):Cocktail recipe cranberry blush

- 200ml of Vodka
- 200ml Cointreau
- 600ml Cranberry Juice
- 400ml Orange juice
- The zest of 2 limes
- Crushed Ice


Combine the Cointreau, Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice in a jug. Make sure you stir it well and leave to sit for about 20 minutes to let the flavours mix properly. Zest the 2 limes and fill your glasses with crushed ice. Pour the mixture over and add the lemon zest. Then enjoy!

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure the Vodka and Cointreau and use the channel knife to zest the limes. You can also use the muddler to crush up the ice.


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