15 Days Until Christmas – Cocktail Recipe – Amaretto Fizz

A simple yet sophisticated cocktail which is ideal for getting your Christmas party started. The Amaretto Fizz is a nice simple recipe which will get you out of the kitchen and mingling with your party guests. Just because this cocktail is simple doesn’t mean it’s not super tasty because it is! Trust me I’ve had a few of them to make sure.

Ingredients (Serves 10):images (1)

-400ml Disaronno
- 600ml Orange Juice
- 2 x 75cl Bottles of Sparkling Wine
- Strips Orange Zest


All you need to do to create this sumptuous cocktail is mix together the Disaronno, Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice. You can zest a couple of Oranges for garnish if you fancy it or leave it as it is if you don’t.

Use the Bar10der to:

Measure out the Disaronno and Orange Juice. Use the channel knife to zest the Oranges.


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